Terms of Service

  • Basic deadline - 1-2 weeks. It may be longer if the work itself is very difficult. If you have a deadline, then an additional 50% of the commission price is charged.

  • I start work only after full payment (or after prepayment, if we have agreed on a partial payment).

  • I take transfer fees for payment. The details are described below.

  • The money is non-refundable. I live on this money and drawing is my full-time job.

  • Private art - +150% to the final cost (you must notify before the art, otherwise the art will be public).

  • After finishing art for you, I primarily publish on Patreon and Boosty as paid content. After a while, I will post it on my own on all social networks. More details are written below.

  • I can charge an additional refueling surcharge in your drawing.

  • The first five edits are free. Each subsequent edit will cost an additional 5-10 dollars.

  • Discouts for frequent customers! Total amount from all orders: from $50 --- -5%, from $100 --- -10%, from $200 --- -15%

  • My working time is from 11:00 to 21:00 Moscow time (UTC+3). My day off is Sunday.

What I can draw?

  • Anthro

  • Feral

  • Taur

  • Monster

  • NSFW

  • Fanart / OC

  • Males / Females

  • Stickers and Emoji

  • Latex / Hypnosis

  • Pregnancy

  • Big thighs / booba / bellies

  • Chubby / Skinny bodies

  • Anthro x anthro

  • Feral x feral

  • Human faces

  • Watersports / Poop / Shit / Coprophilia / Scat / Diapers / Vomiting / Prolapse

  • Infidelities / Drugs

  • Air/Blueberry Inflation

  • Feral x anthro

  • Castration / Birthing / Sex with pregnant

  • Real popular personalities / Politicians / Any flags other than fictional (fictional worlds and countries)

  • Sadism against my characters and unsolicited NSFW art, where there are my and your characters

  • NSFW with minors / Lolicon / Foalcon / Underage NSFW

  • Micro / Macro / Crush fetish

  • Violence / Graphic / Realistic gore

  • Feet / Footfetish / Footjob / Pawjob

  • Some of vore fetishes: Acid / Anal vore /Burp / Mawshot / Mouth cam / Inside mouth / Lying on tongue, etc.


  • Chubby

  • Stuffed

  • Fat / Weight gain (without hyper, stretch marks, blob, impossibly obese, stretch marks and rolls of fat, etc.)

  • Cum/Water/Slime inflation

  • Safe vore (without x-ray and other details of the process)

  • Same size vore

  • Digestion (Without a direct look at the death consequences)

  • Digestion to produce fat

Digital art

Character (one)Feral / PonyAnthro / Monster
B&W sketch$60$80
Colored sketch$90$120
Simple shade art$130$180
Full shaded art$170$240
  • NSFW -- +$10

  • Additional character -- for each +70% from basic price.

  • Non-standard fetish (from the list ? higher) -- +60% from number of characters (price).

  • Background: --- Flat (1-3 colors) - FREE, --- Regular (Landscape, etc.) - from $20, --- Interior (Room, kitchen, etc.) - from $50

  • SpeedDraw -- +$5

  • .psd file -- +$15-30

  • Additional versions --- for each +10-25% from final cost.

  • Private commission -- +150% from final cost.

  • Permission to print (transfer of intellectual property) -- + 100% from final cost.

Emoji & Stickers

Title1 piece5 piece15 piece
Emoji + *$20$90$250
Stickers + *$55$220$650
  • * Emoji/Stickers plus - pics with shadows and more details.

  • Emoji - pics 112x112 px, for chats and streams. Hyperbolized proportions to express a range of emotions in a small image.

  • Stickers - pics 512x512 px, for telegram and discord. Big pictures.

VTuber & PNG model

TypeArt + CutRiggingAll
PNGTuber (For PNG Tuber +)$120$90$200
+ Shadows on model+30% from final cost
Simple emotions (facial expressions)> $10 - only full models
Additional clothes> $50 - full models | > $20 - PNG models
Items (cups, plush toys, consoles, sweaters)> $30 - full models | > $10 - PNG
Edits (first 5)free
Edits (all subsequent)from $3
Personal calibration for your model (my instructions)>$20
  • I know how to work with these programs: VTube Studio, VBridger, NVIDIA Broadcast, Live2D, HONK, Veadotube.mini, PNGTuber Maker, PNGTuber Plus, reactive.fugi.tech

  • Partial payment is available. Payment is discussed individually.

  • The average execution time of the work (namely a full-body model) is 1-3 months. I work on models in my free time. That's why I set such a big deadline. Most of the time is spent on rigging.

  • I have experience creating models for: VTube-Studio for iPhone, and webcam with NVIDIA Broadcast via VBridger. If you need a full consultation, I will charge an additional fee.

  • At the moment, I'm studying how hand tracking works. And after practice, I'll add this as an additional extras!

Payment Methods

  • !!!Transfer fee of the final cost of the order!!!

  • 1. Payment via EasyStart. The platform accepts only credit cards as well as local payment methods. - > EasyStart tutorial

  • 2. Payment via Boosty service (Payment via PayPal). Here is a link with instructions on how to use the service -> Boosty tutorial

ServiceTransfer feeStatusTrivia
Easystart+12%PriorityFor amounts >$10. Payment is made only through a bank card and through the preparation of an invoice. The instructions are above.
Hipolink+15%No priorityI'm sending you a link to pay for the product (yes, that's how it works here), you go and pay using PayPal
BuyMeACoffee (BMC)+15%OUT OF ORDERFor any amounts, but I can withdraw from $50
Boosty+15%No priorityFor amounts <$100
Ko-fiidkNever testedidk
PayPal+18%An extreme measureThrough an intermediary

Also You Need To Know

  1. I'll refund the money if I refuse to work and/or cannot fulfill it. If you refuse the order, a refund is not possible.

  2. All changes to the work must be made at the sketch stage (except for the color). Color can be a little corrected on the finished work (if I made a mistake). Or, if you ask for a WIP, you can fix it at the stage of flat colors.. If you forgot to mention something at the sketch stage, then it's not my fault.

  3. When the customer received the finished work and did not see any errors, confirming that I had finished all the work. I'm closing the order and will not return to work with it.

  4. Upon receipt of the finished drawing, I'll send you at least 2 versions of art: the public resolution and the original high resolution (HR). --- If this is not a private drawing, then all high-resolution versions are sent to my subscribers on Patreon and Boosty as paid content. However, you can share my works in high resolution, but only in narrow circles of people. --- The public resolution is more concise and contains my signature - it is only for publications on third-party resources and social networks from my side and yours.

  5. The original canvas resolution in my works is from 3500 pixels and above (on the smaller side). In the public version - 1600 pixels on the larger side.

  6. Code word for the commission form: Pizza. Thanks for reading c:

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